Hi, Ivor, this is [ phone operator ] calling from American Health Connect and I’m following up on an inquiry you recently made online expressing interest about participating in a clinical research study.

I’ve found a few studies that may be a good match for you where you may receive anywhere from $50 to $200 per visit. All I need to do is to verify that the information that I have is correct… and this call is recorded for quality purposes, ok?

First off, I show your zip code as , is that correct?

Now because most studies have age restrictions, I will need to verify your date of birth. What is that please?


Thanks Ivor, we’re almost done… To help find the study that is best for you, I am going to read a short list of common medical conditions

All I need is a simple “yes” or “no” if you’ve ever been affected by that condition…
and please stop me if I’m speaking too fast. OK… [pause but don’t wait for response]

Great, Ivor, I see a research study that is going on near you. Would you like to hear more information about it?

--- wait for response ---

This is a study to test a medicine for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Doctor's visits and medication for this study will be provided free of charge. You may also receive up to $2,000 compensation for time and travel. Is this something that would interest you?

--- wait for response ---

OK, then I have just a few more questions to qualify you for this study

In the last 3 months, did you experience pain or discomfort in your abdomen for 3 or more days per month? Your abdomen is the area of your body commonly called your belly.

--- wait for response ---

Did the recurring pain or discomfort in your abdomen begin more than 6 months ago?

--- wait for response ---

Have you ever had gastrointestinal surgery or do you plan to have gastrointestinal surgery within the next 12 months?

--- wait for response ---

Do you have or have you ever had any of the following conditions; Irregular heart rate or arrhythmia, Heart block, Tachycardia, also known as fast heart rate, Atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter, Heart failure, A stress test indicating that you have a heart problem, Coronary artery disease or Angina?

--- wait for response ---

OK, good. Based on your responses to these questions, it appears you pre-qualify for this study. I’ll get you in touch with someone from the research company's office to schedule an appointment.