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My name is [agentname], am I speaking with Brandon?

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Hi Brandon, again, my name is [agentname]. I'm an employment specialist here at JobsDaily and it's a pleasure to assist you today. I am showing you expressed an interest in a job at Home Depot?

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Now, Brandon, as I mentioned earlier, I'm an employment specialist. My job is to ask you a few questions to help determine if the position is a good match for you.

First off, I'm showing your email as , is that correct?

And your zip code is ?

And what is your highest level of education?

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What I do at JobsDaily is match job seekers such as yourself with employers. The employers pay us because we save them time by screening applicants and sending them only qualified candidates.

Let's go ahead and get the remaining information that I need to enroll you in our matching service.

Are you currently employed?

Brandon, as I told you, my job is to match you with the best job for your needs. If you were given a choice, what would your ideal job be?

Part of our service to job seekers is to provide you with free access to an education advisor who could help you identify if there are education options available to you that would help you meet a career goal. If there are options that you should at least consider, the advisors can often connect you directly to someone that you could talk to at a school 1 on 1 so you can gather all the relevant information that is available to you, including what financial aid they may offer you.

What if you did qualify for financial aid to help with costs and tuition, what if you were able to take online classes so that it doesn’t interfere with your job search? Is furthering your education something you would at least be willing to consider?

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